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Although they grew up in different parts of the world, High Time Foods co-founders Aakash and Damian Felchlin first connected in business school over a shared passion for food. Working in the food service and the food import spaces, however, had left them both deeply concerned about the impact of food production and food waste on the environment, and they both felt it was high time to do more for people and the planet.

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Having both opted for a more plant-based diet in their personal lives, a few things started to become abundantly clear to them. Choosing a plant-based meal at your favorite restaurant was not really a choice at all: if you were vegetarian, vegan, or just trying to eat less meat, you had to like burgers or nuggets, and you had to be willing to pay a premium for them

Believing that to create real change, plant-based food must reflect the diverse culinary traditions of the world and be accessible to all, Damian and Aakash decided to speak directly with chefs. What could they do to help chefs around the world cook and serve plant-based food? And not just some chefs, but all chefs – even chefs who didn’t have access to electricity or refrigeration space, but who wanted to cook culturally authentic plant-based dishes that their customers could afford.

With the learnings collected from over 50 chefs and the support of a dynamic and passionate team, Aakash and Damian introduced founded High Time Foods in 2021 and introduced their first product in 2022,: a shelf-stable, versatile, and nutritious plant-based minced chicken alternative that could be used by all chefs, for any cuisine, anywhere in the world.

Our Values


We believe in rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty and helping one another to get the job done.


We encourage our team members to think big, be brave, and act boldly as we strive towards our mission together.


We ask questions – even the difficult ones – so that we can think creatively to solve tough challenges and improve.


We put the planet and its peeps first as we build an inclusive and culturally diverse community of cooking and food enthusiasts.

Aakash Shah


Aakash started his career in sales at a foodtech unicorn by working extensively with restaurants and selling technology solutions to them. With that experience and a keen sense of market trends, he founded and exited his first company, a ghost kitchen startup, where he led a team of 50 and increased his understanding of culinary and food service.

Damian Felchlin


Damian kicked off his career by gaining analytical skills in the banking sector. He then became a product manager at the largest privately owned U.S. food import company, where he managed a portfolio of $15 million of annual sales. As a Trade Commissioner for the Swiss Government and a Food-X accelerator mentor, he has advised more than 20 food companies throughout his career.

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Whether you’re a head chef, food service professional, catering business, food truck owner, or just a plant-based food enthusiast interested in joining our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to bring our plant-based meat alternative to a kitchen near you.

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