At High Time Foods, we believe that everyone should have access to plant-based food options that are good for people and the planet.

By creating shelf-stable plant-based meat alternatives, we ensure that chefs have the best ingredients to create affordable and authentic plant-based dishes that their customers love.

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Our products are:

Shelf-Stable - No refrigeration required. Keep it on the shelf until your customers order, so you can make only what you need and reduce food waste.

Cuisine-Agnostic - Versatile and moldable for any dish, any cuisine. Dumplings, tacos, lasagna, meatballs, stir-fries - we’ve got you covered

Nutritious - Packed with 19 grams of plant protein per serving - the same amount of protein as minced chicken.

Trusted by Chefs

It’s high time we changed the food we eat for ourselves, our planet, and our future.

We’d Love to Hear from You

Whether you’re a head chef, food service professional, catering business, food truck owner, or just a plant-based food enthusiast interested in joining our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to bring our plant-based meat alternative to a kitchen near you.

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